Out of sadness, comes the dawn……In 1976, a car accident claimed the life of 4 close friends of mine. I wanted to find a way to memorialize their lives in a beautiful, sustainable manner. It started with a sketch on a cocktail napkin & discussing with my friends and family. Then I reached out to local University and worked with Arborists and Metallurgists to develop the Tree Hugger tm. Our tension spring wraps around the tree so as the tree grows, the spring opens and hugs the tree in a safe & gentle manner! My trauma lead me to develop other products that help heal whether its a tree marker or custom engraved, hand made wind chime! My first product was Recommended by Oprah and I was included on her O List for my Tree Marker design! We were also selected to become the Official Tree Marker at Ground Zero. I thank God for giving me these tribute ideas that honor Michael, Norman, Lisa & Sally. I I remain grateful that Afamilytree.com is helping families around the world to Celebrate the Joy, Love and Memorials of life by creating a way to preserve precious memories! Made with Love in the USA.

Here a great tree planting idea from one of our customers...

When we were planting a tree in honor of my dad, we wanted to do something extra special for him. There were other people he knew at work, at his church, who he golfed with; the garden, he loved to tend to, the cottage, that we went to every year, and the park where he asked Mom to marry him. We collected the dirt from these people and places! The brothers and sisters brought dirt from their homes to contribute to the planting, and the tree took on a lovely and lasting tribute:

To a wonderful husband, dad and Friend.
We celebrate your life. Well lived!

Dedicated with love on March 2010.

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