My Only Child

My only child, a 40 year old son, whom I loved very much, was killed in a single car accident on St Patrick’s Day 4 years ago. His car side swiped a tree, and he was ejected at that point. I wanted something to mark that tree, and was so grateful to find this... Read More

World Death Rituals

Knowing how a culture views death and how it remembers the deceased helps us understand many things about that particular country and its people. Any time you plan on visiting a country outside your own, it is good to learn about the basic thought patterns regarding... Read More


We embrace talking about our son Estin and our experience of loosing our precious baby. To preface the story, I had a picture perfect pregnancy- no morning sickness, walking 4-6 miles day for the majority of my pregnancy, target weight gain, and you could not even... Read More

Cherry Tree Bracelet

At my little home on a pond in Virginia, my brother-in-law, with my little sister, pruned the very old and partially dying Cherry Tree in the back yard. I see the tree through every window in the back of the house. The Cherry Tree, I came to realize, is the focus of... Read More

Our Story – Bethy

Her name is Beth, we have all called her Bethy her entire life 💗 she is my twin and passed at 38 yrs old in a car accident 😢 My mother is a bird lover and the day we got the news of her passing she was in the middle of a move to a new house. The day after the accident... Read More

5 Tips for Dealing with a Suicide Loss

The grief one feels after a loved has committed suicide is a special kind of grief. The loss is sudden, senseless and often leaves survivors with feelings of guilt or even anger. The important thing to remember is that there are those around you who are willing to... Read More

Personalized Memorial Wind Chimes

Nowadays, sympathy gifts are growing in popularity and customization. In that case, personalized memorial wind chimes have become one of the best choices. Due to its soothing and soulful tunes, it has turned into a popular decorative item in any home. It’s an... Read More