5 Tips for Dealing with a Suicide Loss

The grief one feels after a loved has committed suicide is a special kind of grief. The loss is sudden, senseless and often leaves survivors with feelings of guilt or even anger. The important thing to remember is that there are those around you who are willing to... Read More

4 Common Funeral Scams and How to Avoid Them

The death of a loved one is a vulnerable time for nearly everyone. We are all subject to a flood of emotions that can range from anger to sadness. Unfortunately, there is a cottage industry of people who prey on people when they are at their most vulnerable. These... Read More

911 Memorial Trees

Any American who was past of age of six at the time can remember what he or she was doing when he/she heard the horrific news. The memory of September 11th will last a life time for Americans of a certain age range. The tragedy dominated every broadcast throughout the... Read More

Tips for Writing a Dedication Plaque

Finding the right words to inscribe on a dedication plaque can be difficult even for the most articulate among us. The reason for this is because of the emotions that are often involved make it challenging to say everything that one wants to say about a loved one.... Read More

A Photo I Love

I spoke to a Woman whose Husband died.  She was so concerned about raising a Son by herself, her mind was racing with all that would be coming at her and decisions that would impact their life.However, her immediate focus was to come up with a positive way to Honor... Read More