My Only Child

My only child, a 40 year old son, whom I loved very much, was killed in a single car accident on St Patrick’s Day 4 years ago. His car side swiped a tree, and he was ejected at that point. I wanted something to mark that tree, and was so grateful to find this... Read More

Cherry Tree Bracelet

At my little home on a pond in Virginia, my brother-in-law, with my little sister, pruned the very old and partially dying Cherry Tree in the back yard. I see the tree through every window in the back of the house. The Cherry Tree, I came to realize, is the focus of... Read More

Our Story – Bethy

Her name is Beth, we have all called her Bethy her entire life 💗 she is my twin and passed at 38 yrs old in a car accident 😢 My mother is a bird lover and the day we got the news of her passing she was in the middle of a move to a new house. The day after the accident... Read More