Engraved Tree Plaques & Memorial Tree Tags

At A Family Tree we offer long-lasting, premium quality engraved tree markers, tree plaques and wind chimes all at the best prices! Our personalized tree plaques and memorial tree markers will definitely make an impressive addition to your garden. You can also use our tree markers as dedications for memorials, celebrations and special events.

Memorial Tree markers:

Use our beautifully engraved tree markers to personalize your trees and garden. Our memorial tree markers are durable, attractive, unique, and fully customizable. Our tree markers give your garden a personal touch.

Why choose A Family Tree?

Our engraved memorial tree markers last for years to come and are made in the USA. Our tree markers are specially designed to honor the memory of a person dear to you and also make a great gift. Our exterior tree plaques and markers are not only visually stunning, but are also highly practical and provide solutions for many needs. We even show you how to install our tree markers in less than 10 minutes through a short video.

How to order

To order your own custom engraved memorial tree markers, contact us through 248.935.5464. We even offer free shipping on all USA orders!