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Family & Love Most Important - Wind Chime

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Family Wind Chime

Side 1: “The Most Important Thing…On the Earth… Is Family and Love”

Side 2:  Your Custom Message of love, family message/philosophy.

  • Your Chime is made of 6 silver or bronze hand-tuned tubes
  • Our beautifully crafted, handmade wind chimes brings calming & soothing tones right to your home.
  • Listen to lovely deep melodies of notes; C, D, E, G, A, C.
  • We use home grown Western Red Cedar top and wind sail that withstands all outdoor elements.
  • Engraved on one side is “The Most Important Thing… On the Earth… Is Family and Love”
  • Side 2 will be your important words, filled with encouraging wisdom, love & a family meaningful message
  • Ships for FREE in the USA!
  • Family, Love, Friends, Family Time are all great events to gift music to their home!
    Do you want to include our Poem with the shipment!?


    Take these wind chimes that we give you,
    Hang them high up in a tree.
    Let the melody remind you,
    Of the spirit….
    They would have wanted music
    To come and fill our days.
    They would bring you laughter,
    If there was any sort of way.
    There’s nothing to replace
    The ones we knew and loved.
    But we can listen for their song of joy,
    From the chimes hung up above.

    When you hear the wind pass through them,
    You’ll hear a happy sound.
    The notes will fill your heart,
    And you’ll know that they are around.
    Take these wind chimes we bring to you,
    Let their music fill the air.
    Let them sing a song upon the wind,
    And feel them standing there.

Small: $84.00   34″ from top of ring to bottom of the wooden wind sail.

Medium: $104.00     39″ from top of ring to bottom of the wooden wind sail.

Large: $124.00       47″ from top of ring to bottom of wooden wind sail.

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Additional information

Dimensions N/A

34", 39", 47"


Bronze, Silver


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