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How do I put my Memorial Tree Tags/Tree Bracelet/Tree Huggers on a Tree?
All of our Memorial Tree Tags are easy to install!  Attach the spring through one of the holes on the plaque, wrap it around the tree and hook it to the the other side of the Tree Plaque.  Two band size options; 6 ” & 24 ” are offered for each Memorial Tree Tag so you can place on newly planted trees or existing/mature Trees.
We also have a great YouTube Video showing you how simple it is!
Check it out here.
Why are Tree Huggers® made of stainless steel?
Stainless steel is the only metal that will last forever and does not bleed into the tree. Brass & other less expensive metals could cause harm to the tree.  Stainless steel is completely safe and friendly to the tree.  Our steel is high grade – better than what your car is made of! Our Tree Bracelets and Championship Markers are made of weather resistant acrylic.
Will the patent Spring hurt the Tree?
Not a chance!! The stainless tension spring encased in plastic gently grows with the tree so there is no pull on the tree. The spring expands as the Tree grows and can be placed on any size tree up to 65″ in circumference.
What message can I put on a Tree Hugger®?
Any message you want! You know best. Get creative or be very simple with your message. Some of our favorites include:
Memorial:  Loved & Remembered Always and Forever. (Date)
Wedding:  Joined Together in Love to Stand the Test of Time. (Date)
Graduation:  You Did It!  We Are So Proud of You! (Date)
New Baby:  Born This Day (Date). All of Our Love.
Just Because:  The ______ Tree.
Can I plant a Tree on city property?
Contact your city’s Depart of Public Works and they will refer you tot he right department. Tell them you want to donate a Tree – you should get some assistance!
Once I have put the Memorial Tree Tag/Tree Marker on the tree, do I have to do anything else?
Yes! Admire and care for your Tree! If you planted a new Tree, follow the instructions from your nursery and help this treasure grow and reflect well on the person you have dedicated it to!
Can I add more than one icon to my Tree Tag?
Yes, you can! Was your loved one an avid gardener and a musician? Choose both the flower and the music notes icons. Was he a Marine who spent his free time on the golf course? Choose the Marine and golfer icons for his Tree Hugger®.
Two icon choices are included in the price of a Tree Tag. Call us: 248.935.5464 or email: and we’ll be help you design your Tree Tag!
We’re using Tree Huggers® as a fund raiser.  Can you add our logo to your Memorial Tree Tags /Tree Marker!
Yes, we can! A Family Tree frequently supplies Tree Huggers® to schools, golf courses and municipalities who dedicate Trees or park benches. You can order 50 or 5,000 Tree Markers/Tags with no additional set up fees. If you do an annual fund raiser or have an on-going program, you can always have your special logo added to your Tree Tag.
We are TREE – mendously happy to help!