One planet.  Our kids.  The future.
How can we be impactful!?
Plant Trees!  Dedicate Trees!  A Personalized Tree Plaque!
Now, Schools can lead the charge by caring for our Trees with our environmentally friendly Personalized Tree Plaque.
Look out your window, there are most likely Trees already on the property and playground. 
What if you could add more significance to these Trees…..Here are some reasons to use our Tree Markers to Create Important Living Legacies:
  • Imagine a Teacher retiring –  plan a Tree Dedication event! Demonstrate the significance of a job well done and carve that positive memory into their minds.
  • How about the Graduating Class of 2018 – purchase a Tree with a plaque dedicated to their Class!
  • Memorial Trees are a powerful lesson in loving and remembering someone in a positive manner!

Our Tree Markers are safe & gentle to the Tree & make an excellent a fundraiser so everyone can participate!  You can Recognize, Celebrate, Memorialize or Dedicate Trees for future generations so they can see the Treemendous impact you can have on this world today and for future generations!


Let’s create Living Legacies through a personalized tree plaque!