For some people the mere thought of bonding with a new dog after the loss of a beloved pet is nearly inconceivable. For these people it often that such a degree of grief will never wane. But it does and it will. And for the most part, people who lose a pet choose to eventually replace it with a new pet. The questions then become when is the right time to get another pet after one dies and whether or not you should even begin to open your mourning heart to another dog, cat or other animal. Read further to find out if you are ready to adopt a pet after a beloved furry friend has passed away.

  • Allow yourself to grieve for your deceased pet: As we’ve said before on this blog, there is no time table for grief. There is no prescribed way and order in which to grieve that will lessen the feelings of loss you have. Allow yourself to remember the joy that your dog brought you while he/she lived. By doing so, you will eventually be able to consider bringing that joy back into your life with a new pet.
  • Consider the feelings of other household members: Although grief in its most intense stages feels as if it is a thing that no one else shares with it this is not the case. Consider the feeling of other family members – both human and pet – that may be ready to try to let another dog/cat into their lives.
  • Consider the needs of pets who have not been adopted yet: Visit an animal shelter to put some perspective on your needs and that of the animals that are housed there. You will be under no pressure to adopt but it will give you some context to your grief. Also, being near animals will help remind you of the joy your deceased pet gave you.tree hugger

The short answer is that there is no prescribed time limit as to when you should get a new pet after the loss of an old one. It all depends on your emotional needs and that of your family’s. Ask yourself if you are willing to deprive a new pet of the love and attention it deserves simply because you have not moved on. We can help you honor the memory of your dog/cat, etc. with one of our tree plaques pet memorial messages. Or we can help you honor the deceased with one of our deep tone wind chimes. In this way, you can begin the healing process and perhaps provide another pet with a loving, caring home.