When it comes to honoring the deceased many people are beginning to prefer celebrations of life as opposed to memorial services. The difference is that celebrations of life pay tribute to loved ones and celebrate their legacy whereas memorial services tend to be held mainly to mourn the absence of the deceased. Sometimes, the deceased stipulate in their wills that a celebration of life be held in their honor rather than a traditional memorial service. The following steps for planning a celebration of life should prove helpful for those who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one.

  • Decide on the type of service: You may wish to hold a celebration of life and a memorial service rather than forgoing the latter. In this case, you should decide if you wish to hold the celebration of life ceremony as a part of the memorial service or as a separate stand alone event. You should also decide on the tone of the celebration of life ceremony.
  • Set a budget: It may seem like a petty consideration but it is actually not. Poor budgeting can lead to their not being enough food for guests, inappropriate venues and a ceremony that is lacking in many other ways. Proper budgeting will ensure that the ceremony stays focused on the deceased and not the inadequacies of the venue.
  • Choose a location, date, and time: This can be a very difficult task when planning any kind of mass ceremony. However, the important thing to keep in mind is to choose a time, date and location that will be convenient to all celebrants.
  • Decide who will be allowed to speak at the event: You will naturally wish to choose people who share a close relationship with and know the deceased. Thus, you will want to avoid casual acquaintances. Ideally, you will also wish to choose someone who will be articulate and who understands the idea behind the ceremony.celebration of life
  • Decide on activities you would like to include: One of the most appealing and unique things about a celebration of life ceremony is that you can choose an activity for celebrants to participate in.

Ultimately, the important thing to remember is that both ceremonies are helpful in honoring the dearly departed and can aid in the healing process. Celebrations of life fit in perfectly with the idea of honoring the deceased using memorial tree plaques and memorial tree tags. After all, trees are a symbol of everlasting life. They are the oldest living structures in nature and are survivors. So, whether you decide to honor your loved one with a traditional memorial service or a celebration of lie, we can provide you with a novel way to do so.