• TREE-mendous Honors

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      • Symbols Matter

        We just received an order from a niece for her Aunt who lost husband to cancer. There is so much grieving and loss, but when presented with ordering the Tree Hugger, she carefully selected symbols to engrave to represent her husband. She couldn't place the words but the symbols spoke...

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      • Birthday Trees!

        Did you know that every day has its own designated type of Tree -so you have a Birthday Tree!!!!

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    PLACE YOUR TREE TAG ORDERS TODAY!! Call (248) 935-5464

    Our Tree Hugger Tree Tag made Oprah's O List...One Of Her Favorite Things!

    Our patented Tree Markers are for memorials, celebrations, recognition, tree dedications or just an I LOVE YOU TREE!

    We have symbols to help personalize your tree tag with military, sports & love insignias - you name it, we help create your story!

    Our Tree Hugger is a 2"x 6" high-grade stainless steel plaque etched by a diamond-tipped engraving process to ensure a lasting impression. Our Tree Bracelet is a 4" x 6" oval acrylic plaque surround by hearts!  Our Championship Marker is 4" x 12" ....for the really BIG/WITNESS/HISTORY trees in your life!

    Our Tree Markers take seconds to install and are safe for the Tree.  Our spring bracelet opens and the tree is in control to push the spring open!

    A Family Tree Markers hang proudly at Ground Zero.